ARAKAWA support Jun Murakoshi to unveil Its “EQUILIBRIUM” Installation at Milan Design Week 2019

Arakawa & Co., Ltd. will be supporting an exhibition by Jun Murakoshi Design at Milan Design Week 2019. The event runs from Wednesday April 10 to Sunday April 14 in Milan, Italy.
Jun Murakoshi Design will be presenting an exhibit a new product and installation based on ‘EQUILIBRIUM’, a captivating and subtle beauty in the extension of an elongated fine line that withstands gravity. This project is an experimental attempt to establish a line as an individual product. Created irregularly formed random lines using connected units and balanced out the tensile strength achieved by ARAKAWA GRIPs and wires with the compressive strength of units in a perpendicular direction. Through this process, a delicate appearance of enduring gravity emerges.

Jun Murakoshi
Product Designer
Awarded MA at Design Products, Royal College of Art, UK and MEng at Chiba University, Japan. Jun has working experiences as Freelance product designer to design new products and business with takram and innovation laboratory inc. (innovation consulting firm), as Project Researcher at at Center for Knowledge Structuring in the University of Tokyo, as assistant professor at Center for international research and education in Chiba University and as researcher at graduate school of engineering in Chiba University in Japan.

ARAKAWA GRIP was Invented by Arakawa & Co., Ltd in 1975, is an easy to use and highly adjustable cable device. It requires no screws; using the button mechanism on the grip, you can adjust how long or short you need the wire cable to be. The setup is also simple with ARAKAWA’s built in mechanical fastener. It requires no screws; by simply sliding the grip or using the button on the grip, one can adjust the length of the wire cable.